Food trip in Malacca

Yes as I promised, here is the makan review. Also the start of me using kellaw photography photobabi watermark for my pictures. Normally people would go for the chicken rice ball but how many actually went for traditional food? What traditional food? Look and you will see. First of all the surrounding in the store.

Old paintings hanged at face level when you are seating
I like this painting actually. Just don't know why.
Some old pottery. Told you traditional right? The green tupperware is blue hippo or is it green hippo? hahaha
One of the paintings showing old Malacca
Now for the dishes. First course we have the hor jien(fried egg with fresh oysters. There is the egg covering all the treasures(oysters) below.
Main course. Pineapple rice
Side dish. Fried belacan kangkung
Close up on the pineapple rice. For someone who doesn't eat pineapple, this sure is delicious. Traditional pineapple rice. Another traditional dish is their pandan rice which I didn't order. I am bloody full with just these 3 dishes.
Next up comes the chilli fish. When combo with the kangkung, damm syok I tell you. Better than eating flu medicine. It would be an instant cure for you. It gives you better hearing after that too.
Then comes the dessert. Here is the bat bou ice kacang. A lot of stuff down there I tell you. What are they? You have to go makan to find out.
Whats the trip if you don't hav the cendol right? I can't resist it even when I am having flu. The cendol are home made and huge.
The price? RM50 for 5 person which comes up about RM 10 per person. Go for the set meals if you go in a group. It will be more expensive if you go solo. The name of the restaurant is Atlantic 1. So where is this place? 78, Jalan Portugis(Jalan Kubu) next to the shell station, 75050 Malacca. Phone 06-2830121. They are closed on Monday. Opens 11am to 3.30pm for Tues and Wed. For Thu to Sun, they are open from 11am to 3.30pm and 6.30pm to 9.30pm.

After makan what to do? Walk 15 minutes to Jonker street la. What else? Helps digestion ma. You know you are at Jonker street when you see this gateway
They have a main stage where you can go sing and dance also. Dare to do so? See the guy in the silver shirt? Syok sendiri dancing alone down there. Maybe he is dancing with those things? hahaha

Look at the people around? Never ending streams of peoples.
Then hor there is this shop selling wooden clogs. Know why I take the pic? Because they accept visa. Woot?? Don't believe? Here's the proof. Those pasar malam style stall accepting visa le. Don't pray pray!

Next up? Places of interest in the heart of KL which many doesn't even know about or.. something sudden that came out in my mind. Just stay tuned ok?


Tiffany said…
great food. maybe should visit melacca soon
jfook said…
Mmmm..delicious Melacca food.:)
Kellaw said…
Tiffany, you should. some shop are really not well known but they are good

jfook, yes they are really good
Yvonne, Von said…
ya.. mlk got lots of great food!! you shld come to mlk one day!! jz tat o.. don ask me to tour guide.. my sense of direction.. emmm.. let give Kellaw do the talking on tis issue.. hahaha..
j_yenn said…
Aiyoh!! So many photobabis.
I like the antique shops there.
Devella said…
Go Malacca makan, also didn't call me.... you this hopeless son T-T
Kellaw said…
yalo. i agree with piggy. hahaha. go see yourself lo

j_yenn - yalo. new signature ma. copyright liao. hahaha

babi mia mum - cos you never ajak me go steamboat and clap when i twisted my neck
Nikel Khor said…
here me great food hunt malacca..

Nikel Khor
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