Nuffnang Samsung Color me Corby Event Sunway Extreme park

Yes I know I promised you guys the places to travel in KL post but something came out and I just need to blog about it. I was called yesterday to be part of a Nuffnang Samsung event which is the Samsung Corby Color Me Corby event. Apparently I was selected by the Samsung Fun Club(yes my paintball skill on their website did paid off). So all the way to Sunway Extreme Park this morning. I will let the pictures do the talking.

See they so busy preparing for our registration?

Yes pretty girls handling our stickers

Another 2 jaga our goodie bags.

The rest busy with other jobs behind

9.30 sharp registration starts

This is how Miao aka Akiraceo looks like in real life. I checked already. He really has an orange tail.

Event organizer tag. Lose one is RM 50 lolz

Everyone heading to our place of event

Our own section. Don't believe? See next pic

See it wrote trespassers will be tied to the pole and shot by paintball

Next to our area is the surf beach. It's so freaking hot then that I was so tempted to jump in and join them

My xtreme park wristband. The pass to all those dangerous activities in Sunway

My shirt sticker which is handed out by those pretty ladies. Oops I forgot mine is the guy who gave me. Hahaha

Breakfast is provided. This is what they call an adult breakfast. Maybe they think adult aka old guys don't eat much. That's why it's small. Next time need to get "teen breakfast voucher".

All beratur(line up) like primary kids only.

Look at those sleepy faces? All were forced to wake up early. hahaha oi audrey wake up la

Didn't really get to take pictures during the events. Busy collecting marks for my team. Here's a pellet. Melts in your mouth and not in your hands. Definitely doesn't taste like m&m's trust me. You want? I belanja you eat.

Okok This is not my cheque ok? I wish I have 2500 now. I will buy a lot of nice stuffs liao.

This is liang aka mc(sounds like the paper you used to snake from work pulak) emcee lo. hahaha. Sleepy head. His actions got meaning one. Ask you listen his latest album and feel it.

Oi pandang mana? To the chicken who carries a sim card aka khaisim, this is liang! Phaham?

Yes this is the album courtesy of liang

Operasi rompak ATV(ATV- all terrain vehicle robbing operation)

The small liquid capsules which caused so much tears and emotions.

This is how the match area look like without people there. This is where I get 1 headshot(because my marker got prob. I ducked but left my head's right temple exposed. Kena on the spot. Now bengkak.

This is my forearm area. No pain no gain ma.

This one is my arm area. Standard la. The pain is not as pain as the emotional one. Overall I really did had a good day throughout the event but there is one thing that made me got pissed up that it negated all the fun I had. I think most of my team would feel the same. My team got into the finals for paintball. The rules for this capture the flag was that once you got shot you drop the flag. Problem starts when the other team just ran all the way back even when that fella was shot in and out. The other thing was they were also disqualified by the marshalls but guess what happened next?

Yes what happened next pissed me off to the max. The marshalls told the organizers(some Mr Chew and someone else) that but left the organizers to decide. I know cause there were a few of us who asked the marshalls when the match ended and we double confirmed after the whole event was over. Even Liang was informed of the protest and he said he told Robb(one of the organizers) bout it. But the organizers said no. No complains were made to them. Nothing went to them? Is this how they deal with events? If we lose in a fair way we don't mind and wouldn't hold any grudges but the turn of events really made us get pissed off at the end of the day.

Yes, if we win it may result in a tiebreaker but does that justify that a win be given to the other team just to save all the hassle and leave 20 Nuffnang bloggers or Samsung Fan Club members pissed to the max because of how things were handled. It's not so much about the phone for me but a matter of principle here. Does the organizer had to lie about not receiving complains? This incident really left a very bad memory in me of the organizers. How could we trust a big company like Samsung and Nuffnang ever again when decisions made are biased? Yes I am still pissed at this moment. So are the other members in my group.

Update 1 here
Update 2 here
Update 3 here


Unknown said…
at least we won sOmething ryte? =)

go yellow go!!!
Mohd Zaid said…
congratulation ....
Kitkat said…
Wah... the bruises on your arm very serious ler.... See doctor already? Btw, looks like everyone is having fun with the Samsung event. :)
Kellaw said…
wawan, you dont really know how pissed those who are in the paintball event really are. and to find out that we had been a victim to unfair judgement for the benefit and easiness of the organizers, we were sent as the losing team when we won the last match.

zaid, congrats for the bruises?

kitkat, no need see doc la. standard one. just bengkak ma. no biggies
123434325 said…
Will Help you out! When I done with my important post=]

Samsung Organizer make sure they will hear about this =]

Rm100 Vs RM599
Nikel Khor said…
u still ok bo?the bruises on arm look serious lor..put oil on it..

(my blog ll update soon)
Nikel Khor
Jing Zhi said…
haha. mine worse than ur bruise bruise all over my body. even my face. lol
Kellaw said…
Jimmy wait for my next post. the aftermath. hahaha

nikel i am ok. no need oil la. just a little pain. remember update liao tell me

duck got anot? show pic? today aftermath lagi syok
Uncle Jo. said…
i respect u man, u my man who stands firm with JUSTICE~

cisss~ not becoz of for d sake of fun and definitely not for ' least we won something..' that sounds more like closing one eye with accepting bribe(those well reported traffic police makan duit)

look, even am not there but d grief inside me was deep~

Good job, do complain it to the Samsung Korea. Let the whole world know how corrupted things happened in Malaysia.
Emeryn said…
i see those bruises also scared adi. I get bruises easily 1 =(
Kellaw said…
alpha, i really cant tahan when injustice had been done lo. i wun console myself with "at least we won something" that is not gonna happen. that's a stupid excuse to let yourself bullied.

emeryn, its nothing compared to how we felt
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