Guess where I went to celebrate my new year?

No prize for guessing where I went for my new year but it's definitely out of KL. So here are some photos of the firework. Don't compare KL fireworks with this small town ok?

Then some glow sticks. Not that stick ok? Don't be dirty minded can anot?

Next up 2 pretty girls. See I help to promote but both also not available. No prize for guessing who are they. Look at the face and see if you can find some resemblance.

okok give you some hint here. Get it? No?

Nah. Still don't get it? Sigh.... My darling's sisters la.

Here is the group of my darling's friends we hanged out with. Now you guys know why I can't attend the drinking session in KL? Don't come after me with knives ok?

So where did I go? Here's a hint

Can't figure? Go see the place's name. I rompak the santa's bbq meat. Wuahahaha

No more hints lol.

Next up:- Jalan jalan cari makan!


Anonymous said…
I know I know! Melaka!!!! RIGHT? hahahahaha!
Kellaw said…
yes you are right!!!
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