12 Hours Food Trail @ Resorts World Genting

So how does a food trail in the city of clouds feels like? Excited, lots of fun and lots of food obviously.

When we got the list, it's 12 outlets in 12 hours and over half serving main course meals. We were like. ok let's start small and go for Street Churros and some other dessert store for tea time.

Our plan? Finish exploring all the outlets in SkyAvenue before heading down to Awana SkyCentral. So next up we got our late "breakfast at Acme Bar & Coffee. Trust me it ain't small at all.

We then continued to a casual fine dine concept where we were served a few course meals and trust me when I say we had lots of fun.

After the filling meal we rushed to Tokyo Secret for tea time and pulled a surprise birthday for Emily Lowe

Then we decided we need a warm hot meal as the weather is cooling up in Genting so we went for Goon Wah Fish head. The piping hot fish head noodle soup is a blessing in disguise.

We took the cable car down to Awana SkyCentral and enjoyed the scenery outside the gondolas. More food again! We settled for Daorae Korean BBQ which serves marvelous Korean cuisine like the boiling ginseng chicken soup which really warms the heart and also the juicy BBQ meats

We then moved next door to Taiwan Little Chef where we were introduced to tons of Taiwanese Small Eats(more like big eats lor cause you can see from the dishes on the table)

We the visited a few more other outlets like Kenny Rogers, Tyrant Seafood Plateau, Pao Xiaang Bak Kut Teh, Nam Heong Ipoh and Empayar Seremban Siu Pao. Want to know more about the individual outlets? Stalk this blog more often for the upcoming posts soon.

We then ended the night with a laugh die Late Night Comedy with Atul Khatri at the Genting International Showroom.

Special thanks to the PR of Resorts World Genting for organizing this food trail and all who accompanied us crazy bloggers running around feasting and keeping us all entertained and cheerful. =)


Emily said…
Thanks for the surprise birthday celebration! It's hard to spend birthday away from home. You made it special for me this year. It's something I'll always remember.
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