Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree @ Resorts World Genting

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere I go at Resorts World Genting =) Did you know they have a new SkySymphony Show? There are also parades by Santa, his elves, reindeer and of course Snoopy & Friends around SkyAvenue. Want to watch a preview of the SkySymphony Show? Read on..

The clock strucks 8 and we have Santarinas standing next to the main stage for the launch of the new Christmas SkySymphony Show

We have the opening speech by Roger Ong, the RWG's Assistant Vice President of Promotions & Entertainment who remarked that the show is yet another world class entertainment.

It starts with the elves in the Santa's village

Santa's workshop!

Santa's Christmas tree. The show runs from now till 31st December

Teddy Bear! The Christmas show would run once every 2 hours(Even hours) with other shows in between

There are also Christmas Carollers around the main stage.

They would dance to the tunes of the music

Their dances are truly mesmerizing to watch

And up comes the Christmas Tree

We are then joined by Charlie Brown, Snoopy and snowman

They all joined the dance to the tunes entertaining the crowd

Tadaaa. The meet and greet parade happens every day at 11-11.30 am, 3-3.30pm, 8-8.30pm at Level 1 of SkyAvenue while the parade at Level 3 happens from 1-1.30pm and 6-6.30pm

Group picture!

Tempted yet? Come find Snoopy and Friends around SkyAvenue now.

As promised, the preview video of the winch show

Other than that they also have an exhibition of Snoopies from around the world.

Snoopy representing Malaysia holding a badminton racquet

Of course, never miss a chance to take a picture with the tree and Snoopy.

This is a must not miss event of the year

Selfie with the figurines

Or take them on it's own

There are also a few special ones incorporated with the Christmas decorations

Pretty right?

Also take a selfie with the 6 Meter Santa Snoopy

Yes that is how tall the Snoopy is

Or take a pic of both Snoopy and the Christmas Tree together

There would also be other Christmas Decorations around SkyAvenue so what are you waiting for? Go up Genting now!


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