RW Genting 12 Hours Food Trail Part 1 - Tea Time!!

Here comes the part one of the Food Trail. It's dessert time in SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. What better way to start a food trail with just small eats to start the tummy engine to receive more food right? From the famed Churros in different kind of servings from Street Churros to all the cheese from Tokyo Secret, read on to find out more about the desserts and small bites!

 This is the place which serves all piping hot freshly made churros, perfect for the cool weather in Genting

Fun fact: Did you know the churros is shaped into a horseshoe which symbolizes good luck?

The menu. We have the normal churros, then churros with inner fillings, fries, ice cream and even hotdogs. They even have set deals which gives you some savings.

 Coming in 3 flavours, chocolate, cinnamon and cheese, they also comes with 4 selection of dips, the butterscotch, chocolate, cream cheese or blueberry.

 Then there's the silky smooth ice cream which comes with a mini churros.

 They also serve hotdogs for those who wants a fuller bite. Juicy hotdogs wrapped in churros and topped with generous amount of cheese, BBQ or Chilli sauce

Tea time? You would never get enough of them all..

 We then decided to move over to the famous house for everything cheese, Tokyo Secret

 Cheese Cakes to die for and then paired with cheese tea? Heaven for all cheese lovers.. Eh wait.. who took one of the slice away?

Yeah we got to celebrate Birthday for one of our fellow bloggers too. So now you know it's the perfect place for celebration.

 Smooth silky cheese foam on the top with high grade tea at the bottom, a unique taste and combination one must try.

That's all for desserts folks. Stay tuned for more foods from the Genting food trail in upcoming blog entries.


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