BBQ & Steamboat your hearts out at Soi 19 Lifestyle Moo-Kata (Non Halal)

 Eh Kellaw, where to get authentic Thai steamboat and BBQ ar? Those that I went to always end up in me drinking gallons of water from the additional ingredients (MSG). Well fret not, this place I am going to introduce is an Authentic Thai Restaurant using all natural ingredients which is surely to make you come back for more. Read on to find out more..

 Located in Kuchai Lama, they also have outlets in Ipoh and also Uptown Damansara

 So what food do they serve? For starters, try their juicy BBQed Pork neck. Not too fat, juicy and just charred at the sides. Reminds me of the best hams you could get.

 Next would be the perfect beer companion, fried sliced thin 3 layered pork. Fried to crispy perfection, this is definitely a must try.

 Juicy fresh cockles with their home made sauce.

 Let's move on to the mains. Their Jim Jom aka Thai Steamboat sets. One could select between a Pork set or a Chicken + Pork Set. The pork consists of Sliced pork and Pork Sirloin so you only get the best of the cuttings which is marinated to perfection.

 Each of the sets comes with a big bowl of vegetables. Mummy always says vegetables is healthy right?

 So how does the Jim Jom gets prepared? First you mix the pork with the egg so that the pork is coated with a thin layer of egg.

 Now we are ready.

 Wait for the soup base to boil. Yes they use the traditional pot boiled over charcoal fire for the best taste.

 First put in the pork into the boiling soup

 Next add vegetables

 Served steaming piping hot. Now imagine having this on a cold night after a tired work day or even rainy day

 Is that all? Nope. Did you know you can have your favorite Thai Beer, the Chang Beer added in?

 Trust me when I say this is a truly different experience and the beer gives it a whole new different taste which is deliciously good.

 One could never get enough with just one pot. You have unlimited refills of their all natural soup so you could drink your hearts out.

 They also have the seafood selection or ala carte which you could order. So we decided to go for the live crab

 All the sweetness from the crab in a single pot

 Big Juicy claw is a definitely must try for all seafood lovers.

 Then there's the Moo Kata or Thai BBQ over a copper grill. There are several sets one could order from a selection of Lamb, Pork, Seafood and Chicken.

 Can you smell the aroma of the pork being grilled? You could also have the mini steamboat on the side of the grill pot which is infused with the juice from the grilled meat making the soup more flavorful.

 Grilled to perfection, crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside

 I actually went back for their grilled lamb over a cold rainy day. This is heaven I tell you.

 After all those heaty food, we always down it with a glass of snow Thai Beer. Like I mentioned before, the beer is the perfect companion for all the food here which is sure to add flavors to your experience here.

p.s. They also have snow leo beer for those who prefers this over Chang.

So where is this place? Contacts?

15(g.flr), Jalan 1a/114, Off Jalan Kuchai Lama. 58200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Phone: 017-699 0889
Operation hours: Opens daily at 5PM - 2.30AM except Fri, Sat & Sunday till 3AM


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