Road To Agro Tourism 2017 - Kuala Kangsar & Cameron Highlands

The Road to Agro Tourism is a special program organized by the Malaysian Tourism Council (MTC) with the support from Ministry of Tourism and Culture Malaysia (MOTAC) and the Ministry of Agriculture & Agro-Based Industry Malaysia to promote interesting domestic Agro Tourism destination.

There are 6 series of Road To Agro Tourism that is planned which is divided to the following zones, South (Johore), Mid (Perak & Pahang), North (Penang & Kedah), East Coast (Terengganu), Sabah and Sarawak.

This round is the Mid Zone Series which was organized with cooperation of Malaysian Agriculture Research & Development Institute (MARDI) was held from the 12-14th of December 2017. The launching and flagging off event was held in MARDI HQ in Serdang and was attended by about 40 influencers, bloggers, members of the medias, representatives from sponsors, travel agencies, agencies & departments.

We started with the opening speech by the President of MTC, Mr. Uzaidi Udanis

Video of his welcoming speech introducing the whole program to us.

Then we have a speech by YBrs. Dr. Kamariah binti Long, Deputy Chief Director of MARDI

This was followed by the presentation of token of appreciation for the support towards the program. From left to right, Mr. Aminuddin Mohamad (Exco, Malaysia Tourism Council), Mr. Uzaidi Udanis (Presiden,  Malaysia Tourism Council), YBrs. Dr. Kamariah binti Long (Deputy Chief Director, MARDI) dan Mr. Azman Mohd Saad (Director, Development & Property Management Center, MARDI)

Then we have the press conference where members of the medias were given a chance to ask more questions regarding the program

We then proceeded to the flag off ceremony

But first let's take a selfie. =)

We started from the MARDI Headquarters in Serdang to the Kuala Kangsar MARDI station where we feast our hearts out on the durians and other tropical fruits like mangosteens and pamelos.

Other than promoting Agro, the mission of the program is also to promote the local foods, stay & lodging, handicrafts, community culture and arts in Kuala Kangsar. Aligned with the mission, we were brought around to visit local bakeries..

Handicraft center where we saw and get first hand experience in pottery and other arts like gold thread stitchings

We even got to attend a Malay mock wedding to educate us on the traditional customs of a wedding

We also visited the grand mosque in Kuala Kangsar to marvel at it's architecture

At the same time had a brief education on the traditional Malay weaponry, the Keris.

From Kuala Kangsar we continued on our adventure to the Cameron Highlands MARDI Station where we visited the KC Kwang Vineyards and Vegetable plantations and also their processing & export center

We also explored and stayed the night over at the MARDI Agro-Tech Park which is also open to public while having a garden which would give visitors an sense of awe.

From lavendars to plucking our own tomatoes, vegetables and Strawberries, this park is a definitely must go if you visit Cameron Highlands

When we talk about Camerons, how could we leave out tea? We were invited over to the Bharat Tea plantation where we chatted over a cup of tea and was given a tour around the plantation.

Lastly we came back to KL for a chocolatey visit at the Harriston Signature in Shamelin where some of us had a hands on experience in Choc Making while at the same time taste every chocolate imaginable. p.s. curry chocolate? Musang King Chocolate? Yummeh...

Penguins Signing Out. Do come back from time to time for the individual posts on the places we covered in the trip.


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