Crè Arts Asia Modern Circus Troupe live in Malaysia

Psst.. Did you know that Cré Arts Asia, South East Asia's largest modern circus performed live in Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre(KLPAC) from 29th September to 1st October 2017? No? Read on to find out more on what the show was all about and also watch a video on their stunningly back breaking gravity defying performance..

I am honored to be invited to invited for the Gala night, the opening show of Crè. I truly regretted not having my DSLR with me for this stunning show T_T

The night started with the handing of a mock cheque to International Medical University Malaysia (IMU) Chariofare, the largest fundraising event at IMU which is a part of the proceeds from the ticket sales.

Cré is the collaboration of 2 Malaysian Home Grown Performing Arts Studios, Viva Circus and Psycusix. The show starts with the creation phase

A polynesian Myth tells the story of how our world began through the 4 elements, Air, Water, Earth & Fire

All life begins with AIR, it creates water and the oceans we evolve from. The gateway of wonder that sculpts the eternal fates of all living beings.

The scenic back screen perfectly choreographed with the performers

The ocean, an abundance of WATER, a place where life first evolved.

Stunning use of lighting and glow in the dark effect under ultraviolet light for that magical show

It reminds me of Pandora at night from Avatar

Then have Pirates!

Entertaining Aerial Trapeze

The second realm, a world with vast unknown depth and many secrets.

Who would have guessed that one could use the net as an aerial act and with such moves?

Mermaid in the net!!

One of the many touching scenes..

Mother EARTH nurtures life and all life has a purpose in the balance of nature..

Back Breaking Performance. Imagine the strength needed to pull this off..

Graceful moves

Their balancing act is simple marvelous.

Aerial Hoops

Swinging gracefully

Next we have the cube aerialists

Dragon Led

Gravity defying Cyr Wheel

Dark Slaves pole performers

Introducing mankind who bring FIRE, the vessel of chaos and their thirst for war.

Being a pyro guy, fire often fascinates me

The pattern from the fireworks looks like wings here

I could never get enough from the fire performances

Towards the end we were introduced to the full cast

And all the beauties and handsomes who made the show possible

The introduction was done element by element, giving credits to all who poured in their sweat and blood into making this show a success.

Full Cast? Not yet..

Final entry by Atanua(Samantha "Miko" Yee) in style

Finally, This is a short clip of the whole show. Enjoy


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