Motorino, The best pizza in Brooklyn, outside Brooklyn is HERE!

Thinking of where to go this weekend or on the holidays and what to eat? The best pizza in Brooklyn, outside Brooklyn is finally here right in SkyAvenue Resort World Genting. Read on to find out more on the exclusive interview with the Founder of Motorino, Mathieu Palombino on what makes it the best and how good the pizzas really are... p.s. There's also a special promotion if you read towards the end.

Dubbed the best authentic Neopolitan Italian pizza restaurant in Brooklyn, New York by New York Times, Motorino has finally made its way here after making a name in Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore and now Malaysia!

Located 6000 feet up at SkyAvenue, Resort World Genting, it's the only outlet in Malaysia. What better place to eat a hot piping pizza than in the cold weathers of the mountain right?

Founder & Maestro Pizzaiolo, Mathieu Palombino told us why he started Motorino as he wanted a homey place where one could sit down and enjoy their pizza. He believes in small pizzerias like those in Italy so one would get the best of the traditional experience.

I did ask which pizza is the must try and he recommended the Margherita for the true Italian taste. When asked how the pizza here is different that other outlets, he mentions that the pizza we have here is the exact same taste and quality in all his outlets. How does he ensure that?

The same top notch raw ingredients are sourced and imported for all the outlets.

They practiced the open kitchen concept so you could see your pizza being made right in front of you and be rest assured about it's cleanliness and quality. Oh and another thing, unlike the American pizza counterparts, the Neapolitan pizza is soft and chewy as it is made from a specific finely milled pure wheat flour with no additives just for the health conscious.

Once the pizza ingredients are all laid on the thin dough, it's time for baking it in the wood fire oven, just like the traditional days of pizzerias. No electric ovens, just pure firewood baked and lightly smoke to give you that distinct taste and aroma

Can you smell what the oven is cooking? The rich aroma of the tomatoes and cheese on dough cooking in the oven!

Each pizza is cooked in just 60-90 minutes thanks to the imported traditional firewood oven which has a small mouth and low dome. Temperatures inside could reach between 800 - 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Talk about healthy fast food eh?

The Neapolitan pizza is minimally topped as to strike a careful balance among crust, sauce and cheese so you could have that perfect taste of the authentic traditional pizza.

We just thanked Mathieu for his time and knowledge sharing on Motorino before digging into the pizzas to have a taste of Brooklyn's best.

Other than the pizza perfect companion wines and beer on their shelf, the highly recommended are their fresh juices and ice blended fruit smoothies. One could never get enough of em.

Other than that, they do serve hot drinks like coffee and also a vast selection of teas.

For Antipasti, we were served Chicken Meatballs braised in tomato sauce and topped with grated Pecorino cheese and sliced basil.

Another one of the must try, their roasted chicken wings with a hint of lemon, mint, chilli flakes and onions. Crispy roasted skin outside coated with sauce and juicy inside. One could never stop at just one.

Now comes the pizze. Although looking plain, it packs a punch in terms of taste. The perfect balance between tomato sauce, Mozzarella Cheese, basil, Pecorino Cheese and extra virgin olive oil.

Next comes the Pepperoni Pizze with all the same ingredients as the Margherita with added Beef Pepperoni, fresh chilli for the light spicy taste and also Sea Salt.

Last but definitely not the last from their vast selection of pizze toppings you could get is the Amatriciana which contains chicken sausage, scallion and also fresh chilli. One that is sure to give spicy food lover a kick when eaten together with their chilli extra virgin olive oil. Me? I find it just nice without the extra spicy olive oil.

Did you know they also do room delivery service? Only cash terms and you have pizza delivered right to your room still piping hot. How? Dial 59182 from your room!

Life wouldn't be complete if you have not had a selfie with the full pizza I have just ate right? It's like chipsmore, now you see, now you don't *rubs tummy. Yeap the Neapolitan pizza is about 12 inches in diameter. Just nice for a big eater like me =)

What special promotion? If you are a Genting Rewards member, you get a discount when you dine in. If you are not, fret not as you could apply with those pretty ladies and handsome guys walking around. You could also use the card for free parking in Genting as well. Now how good is that?

Location: Level 1, SkyAvenue, Resort World Genting
Operating Hours: Sun to Thu: 11.00am - 10.00pm, Fri & Sat: 11.00am - 12.00am
Phone: +603 6105 9182


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