Theme Park Hotel Staycation 6000 feet above sea level!

People always ask me, eh go Genting very tiring one need to drive up then down the same day. Where good to stay ar? I am bringing my kids along so usually 2 rooms and expensive lor. So any solution? Introducing the newly refurbished THEME PARK HOTEL(Formally known as Hotel on the Park). Why? Read on to find out more..

Dubbed the Theme Park Hotel reborn. It's fully newly furnished to the new custom theme, this is definitely a must stay if you are bringing your family or a group of friends together or even you want a spacious resting crib for the night. The front door theme features an Alice in Wonderland theme where you could feel you are small sized. Make myself happy can or not?

How? Come over then you know lor =)

Alice in the Wonderland would be meaningless without a tea party right?

Ok. Let's get to the room but first a selfie of course

The room I stayed in(quads) is good for 4 person with 2 queen sized bed on a spacious or comfortable staying experience. Or you could have the whole bed to yourself like me which is basically heaven.

The air is of course cooling and that makes the sleep more comfortable

The night valley view is also marvelous where you get to see the KL lights from afar while watching the cable cars move

Or you could just sit there and have a cup of hot coffee while enjoying the view in the comforts of your own room.

When I opened the windows all I could smell is the aromatic flowers from the garden so much so I went down

They have an app you could install and play videos as you walk around the garden

Yes it's clean cool air and we should breathe more coupled with the aromatic flower scent.

Like I said the room is based on simplicity and it's definitely more spacious and clean that way too

Despite the minimalist approach, they still have a flat screen TV, Fridge, and most of the amneties for a comfortable stay. p.s. the curtains are different from room to room

First thing that we do when we come back is to charge our phones right? There are the conventional plugs and also USB ports which you could just plug your cables in directly. Convenient? oh and it's right next to the bed so you never need to miss that important call.

Like I mentioned, even their amenities are customized to their theme like the comfortable room slippers.

Even the hangars are of the 4 colours

Then we have the wireless in house phone so I could basically order my favourite Motorino Pizza delivery right from my bed. You didn't know they do room delivery service? Now you know. What is so great about that pizza? Read HERE.

Well I mentioned having a cuppa while enjoying the view right? Yes they provide complimentary coffee and tea and also drinking waters just for the comfort of guests.

Themed cups, so you know which cup is whose.

Themed bathroom

The best part to coming back to the cooling weather, a warm shower from the massaging water showerhead.

Themed toiletries

Even the soap packaging is themed

Best part is they have lotions to moisture your skin in the cold weather. How thoughtful?

Did you know they also have an in house cafeteria where you could get good food at affordable price? Hints at breakfast in bed. =)

Tell me you are not tempted yet. Aromatic Nasi Lemak with Curry Chicken

Other than that, they also have freshly baked pastries. What better way to eat than to look at the sceneries out there too?

Other than that, they also have the Sixers room. Good enough for a larger extended family

I could never get enough of the themed curtains

Stairways to heaven? For kids =)

The same arrangement but with a bunk bed.

Even the bathroom is much bigger to cater for more guests.

Want more details? Book at


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