Meaningful Video

Here is something meaningful I would like to share with you guys. Someone sent this to me but I just can't recall who. Look I have short term memory loss from all the stress I am under lately.


Calvin Soo KJ said…
that was beautiful my friend. :)
Kellaw said…
glad you like it lol
Kellaw said…
lol andy. saw you also posted it up. hahah
LauraLeia said…
It was absolutely touching.
I went to check the other similar ads from thinkfamily and the one with the father and daughter really made me cry.
Kellaw said…
eh laura finally found her way back here liao. hahaha. which ad wo? give me the link
LauraLeia said…
lol.. You actually remember me? O_O I'm touched. XD
Here's the youtube URL:
It's extra meaningful to me coz I was always closer to my dad. =)
Kellaw said…
of course i do laura. ok will look at it when i have the time. been busy. thanks ya
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