Medical Farking Problem & A Unique Patient

My friend who works as a doctor at the hospital told me about this "unique" patient the other day. The conversation was something like the below.

My friend : What seems to be the problem with you young man?

Patient : Doc, I've got this farking farting problem. I mean I fark fart all the time.

My friend(nods) : Hmm....

Patient : Then hor, my farts don't stink and you can't hear them one le. It's just that I fart all the time non stop one. Look, we talk so long liao here for about 10 minutes and I fart five times liao. You didn't hear or smell them right doc?

My friend : Hmm....(then picks up his pad and writes out a prescription.)

Patient(looking excited) : Wah you very panai le doc. No need check me already know what's wrong with me. You write there the medicine will it really solve my fart problem ah?

My friend : No, this prescription is for medicine to clear your sinuses problem. Next week I want you back here for a hearing test also. Here(hands the prescription). Below this is a slip for the appointment.

Nurse(rushing out giggling non stop)

Side Note: Don't worry Blue. This post not about you yet!


Josephine said…

What a good joke!

I was sleepy just now.

Thanks to the joke, i am now awake...
Kellaw said…
Awake then good lo. go work then dont forget my peipahgou and ice cream
renaye said…
HAHAHA. it means the doctor heard the farting many times.

happy cny!

Kellaw said…
yes renaye, it means he can smell and listen but the patient cant
Kellaw said…
not what the f mea?
Anonymous said…
Kellaw said…
lol. emelda you finally found your way back here
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