132 silly things done? With a twist of course Part 5

Ok someone bugged me about posting the continuation of this. Okok! No more bugging already. I will post. The comments here needs some thinking actually and I am busy with my life right now. So I don't know where the next part would be out. Anyway if you are new here, read Part1, Part2, Part3 and Part4 first.

Level 17
Done Something You Told Yourself You Wouldn't(i wouldn't blog! oops I just did)
Made a Prank Phone Call("hello. handsome you need ah gua service anot?". You better hang up when the guy on the other end says yes)
Laughed Until Some Kind Of Beverage Came Out Of Your Nose(after you got punched and ribena starts flowing out. good also ma. can make more ribena drink)
Kissed In The Rain(listen to the piano music count?)

Level 18
Written A Letter To Santa Claus(you mean the one that raba kids in supermarket?)
Watched The Sun Set/ sun rise With Someone You Care/Cared About(why must be sun again? can't be moon mea?)
Blown Bubbles(with saliva and always fail? or put soap into mouth and start blowing?)
Made A Bonfire On The Beach or anywhere(and burn your house down? or worse still the whole forest. I am a scout for goodness sake. of course I did)

Level 19
Crashed A Party(with a car is it? or better still a bulldozer?)
Have Traveled More Than 5 Days With A Car Full Of People(how about a full day with a car with 5 people? try that with a kancil with all XXXL sized people. Kancil pancit lol)
Gone Rollerskating / Blading(gone blading? You mean kill each other with a knife?)
Had A Wish Come True(i wish i can finish this sentence. see I just had one)
Been Humped By Any Animal(you mean raped by an animal. human also animal right? No? Mammals wo. No meh?)

Level 20
Worn Pearls(does the one pierced on your body count?)
Jumped Off A Bridge(which bridge? The one you made with lego blocks?)
Swore at the teacher, in front of them(you mean scold them right in their face? I don't see why not. I call that constructive confrontation lol. Constructive as in you learn new badwords in different languages)
Swam With Dolphins(dolphins can only swim right? cant walk right? so swimming in a pool while a dolphin is swimming in the sea 1000miles away is still consider swimming with dolphins right? Hey they still swim at the same time ok?)


Samantha Chow said…
eh ur from taylors too?
LithiumMind said…
Great ides ...if you have nothing better to do :)
blur de Qi said…
^^ since u dunhv c-box, i juz leave my message here ba~
hehe, d baby so cute o~ but shocked de...
Kellaw said…
lithium look at the title la. silly things done la.

blur - welcome. cute le. why shocked?
Allison said…
haha..funny.. but time consuming wei..
Kellaw said…
yes allison. its bloody time consuming. and brain power is used too
Allison said…
monk? why u wna visit monk in kt?
Kellaw said…
allison - cos i wanna be a monk? hahaha.
Unknown said…
lol.. yeah, this is silly..
Allison said…
haha..can can.. jz unusual to hear ppl wna come to KT and be monk.. so unique..ppl usually come kt to go to the islands for holi or to c turtles. haha
Kellaw said…
isabel - if its not silly you wouldnt be reading this would you? hahaha

allison - unique good ma. unless you wanna bring me go see la then no prob la
jen ® said…
i wana do something silly too..
but err can't think of any =.=
Kellaw said…
jen - read my posts and pick one lo

else you can always opt to screw your boss. hahaha
Yvonne, Von said…
Heh.. the baby is really cute le..but.. how come he or maybe she look so angry le? .. but.. still.. veryy cute..
Kellaw said…
cute le. thats why he is selected. hahaha
jen said…
dun say me a copy miao wor =P

btw, still very busy with assignment ka?
Kellaw said…
jen - you mai take la miao miao. hahaha. yes busy till never sleep 2 days liao. now wanna go sleep 24 hours then continue next assig
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