So you guys know what the heck I am doing behind the scenes before you guys start complaining that I didn't update this blog.

My msn status!
Kellaw:!! Duedates - 22, 29 May & 5, 8, 9, 10 June. Presentation 10 June

Self explanatory ain't it?

Anyway thanks guys for the support. I have seen an increase of female readers thanks to a few friends. Please help me promote more laughter to your friends yeah? My old entries are funny if you haven't read them yet. I hope I can at least write an article by tomorrow so you guys don't get so bored ok?


leechon said…
hi there, followed ur blog

and i recently take down the chat box avoid many things like


"blog walking"

"blog jogging"

these stuff
Kellaw said…
thanks for the visit. well sh!t happens. thats why i dont have one here.
Tekkaus said…
Yeah! You are finally back. Increase in female readers heh? Ha :D Gewd for you.
Kellaw said…
tekkaus. dunno la they say visit beramai ramai ma
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