Exam cheaters get owned

One of my group mate had a bad hungover and was unable to come to class today. That fella practically got wasted after the drinking session which ended at 3 in the morning with him barely able to stand what more walk. He has to be dragged all the way home. Anyway it reminds me of this joke which 3 idiots partied whole night before their test.

They were boozing till late night and didn't study for the test which was scheduled for the next day. In the morning they thought of a plan and yes it's a genius one. They made themselves look as dirty and weird as they could with grease and dirt.

Then they went up to the exam invigilator and said that they had gone to an out of town wedding last night and on their return journey, one of the tyre of their car burst and they had to push
the car all the way back so they were in no condition to appear for the test. Yes there are some provisions for people who couldn't attend exams for the "most outstanding reasons" a.k.a valid reasons which makes you unfit or is at a condition where it's disadvantage for you.

The invigilator was a just person so he said that they can have a retest after three days.

After 3 days they said they were ready for the exam and they appeared before the invigilator. The invigilator said that as this was a special condition all of them were required to be in separate rooms for the test.

They all agreed as they had prepared well in the last three days. The test only consisted of two question with a total of 100 marks.

Want to know how the exam papers look like?

Q1. Write down your Names. (2 marks)

Q2. Which tyre burst ? (98 marks)

Moral of the story? Don't get wasted when you go partying at night and make sure you are able to get to work/class the next morning.

Dedicated to the drunkard who couldn't get to class today


Pauline said…
Hey, since u have no chatbox and I gotta drop by to say hi and thanks for dropping by at mine so here it is :) A comment it is...
Annoymous said…
The right and the left.
Yvonne, Von said…
Well well.. this is a funny one.. that examiner really creative.. i mean this is a funny one.. I didn't really see this coming.. hahaha..
stephy-nie said…
Hahahaha.. LOL. Yep yep, good story that is. Hahahha..

Never go get drunk the night before a test. XD
Clarisse Teagen said…
Good one

What an exam.
Kellaw said…
Ms Ang - lol. nice to have you here

haro genki - wun work la. how sure are you the others answers the same?

yian sin - not creative where the guys will die?

stephy - welcome to my bloggie

clariss - thanks
jen ® said…
lol, that is so creative
Kellaw said…
jen if not creative where can pwn them wo?
Calvin Soo KJ said…
lolz...good one bro :) keep em coming..
Myhorng said…
most brilliant question of the century
Kellaw said…
lol calvin, thought you missing dunno go where liao

myhorng - i agree lol

lithium - welcome back
Magdalene said…
Hello :)
Nice blog!
Kellaw said…
hi magg! welcome here
renaye said…
hahaha. the last thing cheaters ever thought of to cover up their story!
Kellaw said…
renaye, thats why the fella set the question that way. lol
Coffee & Love said…
omg this is so funny ROFL

:D :D :D
Kellaw said…
sherryna - glad you like it
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