Life's Good With DaVinci the Genius

So what's so good about it? Really wanna know? There once lived a great man named, Da Vinci, arguably the greatest genius of all time. Why? He was not only a brilliant artist but also a dedicated scientist, inventor, sculptor, musician, mathematician, engineer and architect. So how can one person be so many things at the same time? Want to know what are his contributions? Read on.
The letter from LG

How did I know? No, I didn't google it. I went to the "Da Vinci the genius" exhibition held in the National Science Centre, Bukit Kiara from 1st October 2009 to 17 January 2010 all thanks to LG who is also one of the main sponsors.
View of the large exhibition banners in the main dome in the science center

They gave me free tickets to the exhibition and on top of that, Starbucks vouchers. So how can life not be great with LG eh?
My ticket

The starbucks voucher

Actually I went at the very last weekend of the exhibition(for the merchandise at a cheaper rate) with my brothers and my girlfriend. Anyway I also got the 50% discount coupons. So how does that translate into life's good with Da Vinci the Genius? The voucher

So I went all the way from the Bangsar LRT station by taxi to the national science center just for this "not to be missed" exhibition.
These are the guys manning the ticketing counter and from what I have heard each ticket is worth RM25.Then up to the exhibition halls. Guess what awaits me there? The dreaded sign which most bloggers would sigh at the sight of this notice board or at least something alike to this.

So what did I do? You have strong mans handling the gates who also walks around the exhibition halls to keep those rules enforced.
Don't you wanna see the exhibition from inside? You wanna see self portrait's by Da Vinci himself but you missed it?There's this thing called diplomacy talk which according to someone in Da Vinci's timeline it's "an art of communication where the other person is made to look forward of their trip to hell". No I didn't send someone to hell. I just have a discussion with the staff and the supervisor gave me permission to take pictures inside the exhibition. And because there are staffs everywhere and they would tell you politely that picture taking aren't allowed in there, I was given an exhibitor tag. Yes those manning the exhibition could look hard when enforcing the rules but they are actually quite friendly and helpful.

So down to the exhibition. What greets us at the first hall is the timeline of Da Vinci's life.

From there there's the few small note books that Da Vinci had left behind after his death which are named Forsters. Here are the replicas of it.These small notebooks contains most of his life's work. Yes, his works are 400 years old but some are only discovered in the recent decades but what fascinates us is that his works are all still relevant till this very day. Let's take for example the priciples of flight. He had taken much painstaking time of his life in studying how birds fly. He created machines like the the gliders and gave his first impression of how a helicopter would work.

Known as the "man who wanted to know it all", he did his studies in many areas. Among others, he is known as a talented artist and painter. Below are only a small part of works he had painted in his life.

Of all his work, I would say the most notable of them all is the Mona Lisa, the lady of all smiles and also "The last supper" which shows the last meal of Jesus and his disciples.

I would say that in any Da Vinci exhibition, without the Mona Lisa, the exhibition wouldn't be an exhibition at all. Why? This piece of art is drawn and "perfected" by Da Vinci throughout his life till his death. Layers after layers are drawn to make what it is today. As it is said, even his hand gestures are enough to bring up emotions.Here we have the analysis of her eyes in different analysis.

Besides being a brilliant artist, he is also known as a musician and inventor, coming up with the portable piano and drums.
He had also laid foundations to daily used items which we might not have even bothered to know their history. One notably being the clock.
Besides the clock, he also created simple machines to ease life and extend science like this simple gadget used to measure the air current, different pulley systems and also the gearing systems.
Other than that he had also dedicated his life into discovering the anatomies of the bodies. One good example is how the eyes see things during his time where people often think that their eyes brightens and shines the light at things. His studies in the human anatomy gives meaning to early health science.
Other than that, his contributions towards military engineering is enormous, creating the ideas of bullets which it's main design had not run far from his visions.
Other than that, he also came out with the early ideas of a tank, canon and other deadly war machines like the mounted multiple canon and guns.

He had also came out with designs of underwater suits.
Other than that he is also known as one great architect, giving new thoughts to bridges where he came up with the concept of an emergency bridge which is easy to build and dismantle. Other more long lasting bridge structures had till today remained as the choice when it comes to building bridges.
His aim is to have an advance city with the most up to date technology where there will be no sickness but the idea was stored due to the war during his time and he never lived long enough to go through with his idea.
His concept of the city.
Towards the end of his life, his paintings were more of showing emotions, particularly the battle of Anghiari. From his paintings, you could really feel the pain of that time. Now this is what we call a genius. Someone who could bring such emotions in his paintings.Yes that's the end of the exhibition. There are lots of other pictures but I kept things short. Sorry the pictures are unfortunately not for sale.
I would say with a Genius like Da Vinci who left us with so much of his life's work, how could life not be good. Most of his inventions actually more or little improved our life. He laid the foundations to what we call as technology. Where does all these gadgets come from? Imagine your watch without gears, your air cond without its fan. Imagine a world without air plane, without doctors and without TV since humans believe that the eyes projects light. Without LG(remember no fan aircond?TV?)... Damm! I would hate to live in this world.


Anonymous said…
dropped by from 8TV! somehow the television was on.. and I saw your blog.. LOL! keep it up!
Elaine New said…
u know, somehow ur "kellaw photobabi" disturbs me! haha.

how are u gona deal with malay readers? haha.
Kellaw said…
lol. elaine i will say i got lo money to attend engkish klass. so my england very the powderful lo. cant even spell potoglafi. hahaha
she said…
hey Kellaw...thanks for sharing.
Good post :)
Sy said…
Cool event ! :)
Janessa said…
DaVinci came to Singapore but I didn't go. D:
Unknown said…
Thanks for sharing. Very informative.
Nikel Khor said…
wonder out got such tis nice exhibition d..

from Nikel Khor
why no CBOX! Im leaving footprints on ur posts instead hehe! Btw, great post! Da Vinci (I thought it was just a movie...lolx)......
Kellaw said…
he and she - welcome lol

sy - yeah. thats why i am glad i never missed it

jan - then u really missed something really great

supia - u should have gone for it lol.

nikel - i actually gave out 4 tickets and i have 2 extra sumore...

sab - no cbox la. its a person goodness....
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