Nuffnang Samsung Color Me Corby aftermath day 3

If you have not read the previous parts, part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here. Yes 3 days passed by before someone replied. Before I get into that. Here's my condition.

The area started to turn yellow like a human love bite except that this is the love bites from paintball pellets. The dead blood cells started to darken. I don't feel anything anymore except for maybe the one on my head. Head cells not as hyperactive as my arm ma so less blood to flush things out. So what's the next progress? Some are dying to know right?

Yes, the previous post was top 10 in Innit for over 20 hours with it peaking at the no 1 spot for at least 6 hours. Guess what? I have been trying to login into innit and post messages but I got kicked out for at least half an hour at around 4-5 pm. I managed to login later and asked around. No one seemed to have the same problem as I did. Is this because I stand up for what I feel is injustice? Is this how criticism is taken? By blocking those who do?

Then I get the comment from Robb who gave his usual story with a twist. What I did was reply to that with a challenge to get both teams together with the organizers from Samsung and Nuffnang to meet the marshalls. I am sure this would solve the problem? No? We will just bring recording devices to tape then put on blogs so that everyone knows what happened. Fair? Actually we already had a recording but it's in sound format. I wouldn't be more pissed if they just admit it instead of giving excuses and lies to cover another lie.

You don't need to remind me that "THE JUDGES' DECISION ARE FINAL AND ABIDING". This statement is used to cover up the non competent and the wrong doings of the organizers. Decision being final and abiding doesn't mean that the process to get to the decision MUST BE THE CORRECT ONE!! Get this right. What I am more interested is the process leading to the decision. Not the decision itself which already did pissed off so many members, even those not involved.

My korean friend who is helping me to draft the letter is going back this Thursday. He says he would deliver it by hand for me and talk to the person in charge there. He says that going face to face always works better than a letter alone. Nice and helpful friend. This is what I call a friend indeed. One who will stand by their friends for the right cause. Not those who give up their principles just for some easiness or easy solutions.

I am a nice person actually but when you make me get pissed off at you, I could be the worst enemy you ever had. Particularly when I am on the scorned side. I gave a new meaning to the old proverb by saying "Hell hath no fury like Kellaw scorned". Yes some may take this as a sign of aggression but for others they see this as a sign of brotherhood. One who will not let the others down in whatever he does. You guys still have the chance to explain yourself before my friend goes back for his holiday.


I am KS said…
Hiii ;D

Khai Sim here xD

"I am a nice person actually but when you make me get pissed off at you, I could be the worse enemy you ever had."

WORST la! Not worsE! =D

And you nice meh? Bully me ni. Pfft.
excalade89 said…
Serious? You got kicked out after an hour in Innit?

I think you should read this:

When I was typing this out, I reflect about how people handle things and how they enforce a rule. You'll get the conclusion there, where people who always started a fuss tend to get away with it.

I'll be seeing how Samsung Korea will tackle the issue. Really! Events have to be carefully done, otherwise there are no Public Relations value in it, just causing negative public opinion.
Kellaw said…
Khai sim. sorry la. me type that at 12++ le. sleepy and blurr ma. now you buli me pulak

yes victor. i have been having problems in innit. when i login, it stays there. cant get in despite keying in my email and password for several times. well i hope something would come out of it. if the malaysia samsung will not do anything i hope that the korea headquarters would do something
excalade89 said…
Hopefully jangan sampai fire the whole Samsung in M'sia, otherwise if my Samsung Corby (I do own one before the competition) needs a replacement, I wont find good touch phones like Omnia and DJ anymore. haha...

But they deserve some good sounding because of the misplacement.
Josiah & Renae; said…
oh my. looks bad. as in getting worse. but they'll heal soon.

must have hurt much huh.
Kellaw said…
victor no one is irreplaceable. i switched from using jet to nokia x6 now. got fed up.

lyng - its getting better actually. like love bites lo
atreyu strange said…
You know, you deserve the Corby phone that they mentioned will be given away for the best blog post.

You've taken a lot of interest in this issue. I don't how they or others perceive this, but these posts will somehow benefit them in the future where they need to be extra careful in carnival organization.
Kellaw said…
hahaha atreyu i agree with you 4 bloody days on no1 most nanged post on nuffnang innit. all hell is breaking loose.
123434325 said…
People in Innit getting notice of the problem. It will not only give a BAD name to Samsung Malayisa but Nuffnang too. Not scolding or anything just saying the FACT!

Will Support you! Just supporting what RIGHt and not supporting something NOT!

Just want to say how I feel after the incident make me feel Nokia is a better phone than Samsung.Also make me hate Samsung phone for not a good reason .I don't know why i say like that maybe is my instinct tell me.

So Good Luck Samsung Malaysia,Nuffnang, and you too.
Loo Yi Han said…
Omgg ouch :O
Nice blog btw ! :)
Nikel Khor said…
i support u...but macum ur pain still thr lei?ok bo?

from Nikel Khor
Kellaw said…
yes jimmy. indeed

yes yihan. thanks

nikel its ok la. no pain actually. thick skin ma. hahaha
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