Murder at the bus stop

Yes, murders are committed at the bus stop and the killers scooted free there after. What is worse is that these murderers kill their victims slowly torturing them to their death. I think this situation will continue to be worse because no one would bother to nab these murderers. All these murders happen right under our eyes. So what can we do? Sit there and wait for another murderer to pass by and kill us all or do something for a change? Are we going to be a civilized society or what?

Before you guys hammer my head asking which murder and which news station, newspaper or tv showed the murder, I am telling you that it's not a murder where someone get a gun at the back of your head and proceed to empty a whole magazine of bullets into your head. Nor is it a murderer who comes to you with a knife to end you up in a bloody mess. I am talking about those smoking murderers. You may ask why I call them murderers. "Isn’t it too sarcastic to call them murderers?" says one of my friends.

Now think it this way. A married woman who wants to marry another handsome bloke begins to put a small amount of arsenic into her husband's morning coffee for about several months before the husband finally meet his maker. What do you call her? A murderer right? She would be trialed in the courts and sentenced to death upon conviction. So what makes the smokers different? If you wanted to commit suicide then by all means do it somewhere such as their own room with doors and windows closed like those suicidal attempts burning charcoal in a closed room. Not puff at the bloody bus stop and then proceed to release those toxic fumes right at the other people waiting for their buses.

It's already tough that we have to inhale those from the buses passing by. We don't want to go that early yet. Things would be worse when it's raining. The bus stop would be crammed and some idiot will just proceed to smoke and share their poison with the whole bus stop. Isn't public places like the bus stop supposed to be a non smoking area? Where are the idiots authorities? Sitting in their air conditioned room happily puffing away? You may argue that the ministry of health started their campaigns.

Seriously do they work? I am actually thinking that it's a waste of public funds for the one who thought up the idea of sticking the picturesque warning sticker on every box of cigarettes. As if it's going to stop people from smoking. There are also full page advertisements too in the newspaper. You know what it did to me the other day when I am having my sandwich while flipping through the newspaper? Imagine what it would do to innocent people having heavy lunch while flipping through the newspaper?

It's like eating a bowl of curry mee when they showed the toilet cleaner advertisement where the toilet bowl is full of poop. YES! It's an idiot's idea which they put on national television some time ago and was thrown out after public complains. There is a restaurant in Penang and also one in KL which serves curry mee in miniature toilet bowls. Where they get those ideas I wonder. Guess they did their thinking in the toilet heh?

Seriously all those pictures wouldn't work. You guys want to know what will work? Let me tell you and give you a good solution. Nab one of the inconsiderate idiots. Put him/her on trial for murder and make sure all the news agencies get a heads up on the case so that it will end up in front pages the next day. That will stop those inconsiderate bastards. Hey I have nothing against smokers ok? I can't stop you if you choose to kill yourself. At the very least don't drag others together with you. I do have friends who smoke but at the very least they smoke away from the others.

I once told a friend to quit smoking and you know what he told me? "I quit and I live longer. Calculate the amount of time I spend in hospital and the old folks homes for old age. Might well as I spend that money on cigarettes now and just die earlier. Saves me from all that sufferings". Let's just hope he doesn't spend time on the hospital bed for cancer at 40 living up for another say 10 years. I am not cursing but hoping that bad things doesn't happen here ok?

So to all inconsiderate smokers, "SCREW YOU INCONSIDERATE BASTARDS!". (This includes one of my ex's dad whom I stand up against when he puffed right on my face. He told me he would never let her daughter to be with me. "So be it" is my answer. Just don't ask me which ex was that)

Note: If you want to use this as an article for community service, by all means go ahead but please do give back credits to me by linking(or print out the link) to my blog. I allow you guys to cut out the profanities for public use(yes, someone did asked me if they could modify the harshness)

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Anonymous said…
smoking is bad.. haha..
Kellaw said…
ken - i prefer to call it murder lol
BlurryLeo said…
nice write up Kel. the problem with Bolehland is that they can talk and talk till the cows come home. but, when it comes to enforcement, it's never really taken seriously. on the toilet bowl thingy, i knew of the existence of the place but never bothered to go. Feels kinda weird to eat out of a miniature toilet bowl. Don't think I can swallow anything in..LOL. Have a great day :)
Kellaw said…
leo - enforcement? i think they will be super efficient when it comes to members of the opposition lol. i also cant stomach anything from toiletbowls be it ice cream or curry mee. lol
Tekkaus said…
Yes! Smoking is like a murder! Albeit slower but definetely more painful! :D
Kellaw said…
you also agree le. should trial them for murder then they will really stop lol
LauraLeia said…
I totally agree with you on every count here!
2nd-hand smokers are the biggest victims!
Kellaw said…
laura if i start a campaign would you support?
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