Chick with long legs(pictures included)

Darn. I am too early in the office on a christmas eve morning. How do I know that? The lights are still off. So I went to browse my friends blogs la. Browse browse browse, I found an entry on his christmas wishlist. He very good and not greedy la. He only asked for 1 wish. No, I wouldn't tell you who he is but he is a frequent visitor here so he should know I am talking about him. Haha.

His letter is as below with some modified content(so you guys can't search him up and laugh at him lol):-

"Dear Father Santa,

I have been a good boy this year. I still had the only one wish like the last 6 years I have been writing to you which you still haven't been granting me of. I haven't receive the present from you the past 6 years so I think you must be saving money to get me my gift. I am sure 6 years is enough for the saving. I hope I will get my present this year seated next to my tree. Come on. It can't be that hard right? This year I had already lower down my requirement of having a model girlfriend as a gift. I know the recent recession also hit the northpole and the toy farktory factory had to be closed down.

All I want now is a chick with long legs and big cute eyes. She doesn't need to be clever so I could be the place where she finds comfort in. That's all I am asking for as I am really considerate on your condition too. As usual I would leave a jug of beer and several packs of peanuts which you never fail to take but not leave me my present. They are there so you can have some snack on your journey around the world. So please can I have my present this year? Can?

With love,

Your Boy."

So I think since Santa already pok kai, as a friend I think I should help him get his present also. I hope you guys would help me on getting him his present also. I searched through the internet for his gift and all I am asking is that you guys do help me chip in on his gift. I am also hit by recession judging from me having lake water and eat grass for lunch. Ok let me show you what I got for the best bargain matching his requirement after searching all over the internet. Scroll down for the picture.





Yamah. No meh? Chick with long legs, big eyes and not so clever ma (the size of the eyes are bigger than brains). So guys please help me by chipping in on his christmas present. Make someone happy today as the joy of giving is more than the one receiving. Anyway mail me for details if you want to donate. Fast. It's already christmas eve. We still have several hours left. I accept ebanking too.

Wish you guys a happy christmas eve and happy working to those who are stuck in the office like me. Back to work now lu... =(

ps. To "Your Boy"(you know I am talking about you so don't pretend). Don't get angry la. I am just making a joke here ma. Laugh la.

By the way. All I wish for Christmas this year is being able to spend it with my loved ones. Hope my wish would come true.(See? Simple and easy so you guys can't make a joke out of it)

Read part 2 here


Asfan Ash said…
haha u mean
Kellaw said…
Where got mean? Correct ma. It matched his specification perfectly. Wanna donate?
Anonymous said…
Ahahaha, eh, I'd say, padan his muka... this is really a chick with long leg and not so smart. LMAO. I know where he can get some of these chicks... near my place have.... the Zoo Negara. :-P
Kellaw said…
No la he want own one itself. Next to his Xmas tree sumore. Hahahahaha
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