WTF!! Pregnant???

It's like deja vu again. Should have posted this up last week but I don't have the time to do so. What happened actually happened TWICE!!!. I feel so dumb! Was on the bus to college for my finals. Me being me when I saw a pregnant lady on the bus, I would offer my sit but I guess this needs to be changed soon. Anyway if you see a pregnant lady what would you do? Offer your sit and get some good karma and happiness right?

What I am going to tell you might change your perception of offering your sit the next time. At least not before thinking(or looking) twice. A month ago, I gave up my sit when I saw a lady standing with a bulging stomach. The bus is basically packed. So I just called out saying "Kak, mengandung baik kak duduk sini. Nanti jatuh susah"(Sis, here take this place as you are pregnant). She sat on the place and it's fine if she would just shut the F up then and there. She had to say "Dik, kak tak mengandung la"(Bro, I am not pregnant). At that very moment I am like $%^$%#$#$%^&@@$%^ in my head but I just kept quiet.

Then fast forward to last week. I saw this lady but her back is facing me. I did the same thing and offered my seat. She turned and said "Eh dik, you lagi ke? Thanks!"(Eh bro, You again? Thanks!) and proceed sitting on the place. My feeling at that moment is like
I will leave it to your imagination with the picture. One of my friends said I should just knock her up so that she gets pregnant but I wouldn't even stomach the thought of doing so. They suggested getting someone to do that and the name of the guy mentioned here came up. Ok back to work already.


Anonymous said…
lucky and unlucky you...:P
Kellaw said…
emelda, what so lucky about that? Unlucky I know la but lucky? lol
ooooooooo said…
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ooooooooo said…
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Kellaw said…
umar - buncit = bloated.
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