Hamsap Picture (Edited)

By request of Jo, I show you lo the hamsap picture.

Ham Sap anot? Salty and wet at the same time. Where to get? Satisfied mou?

Okok. Give you more info on it.

Traditional Chinese: 鹹鴨蛋
Simplified Chinese: 咸鸭蛋
Cantonese Jyutping: haam4 aap3 daan6*2
Hanyu Pinyin: xían yā dàn
Literal meaning: salted duck eggs


Okok. I curi the pictures from the web liao. I can't find any better pictures liao. Be reminded the picture are not mine ok? They belong to someone else so if you wanna copy also think twice la.

Nah! Happy mou Jo?


Josephine said…
Wei, i requested "ham sap lou" picture, not "hamp aap dan" picture wor....
Kellaw said…
of so many salted eggs. I am sure one of them will be born as a male right? Wait I go search and add 1 dozen salted egg pictures for you. Don't tell me in 1 dozen there's not even 1 male. lol

so Hamsap Lou lo
You know what ? I love "Salted Egg" so much ~ Exspecially while I eat with the porridge ! Wow ... Nice !! hehe...
Kellaw said…
lol. Eat too much will get high blood pressure one le. You make me more hungry now. Already makan roti in office only. Haih.
Anonymous said…
LMAO....you got me laughing... happy new year... i go to my balcony awhile, see fireworks... lol...to
Kellaw said…
Haih. Happy good lo. Before new year already suey. Twisted my leg. Haih
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