"FAST" Food anyone?

Ever wonder at times "FAST" food is no longer fast that the auntie selling bak kut teh in the nearby stall could have caught a pig(no offense to the muslims), castrate it(no meh? No need castrate one ar? Oklo then sembelih(slaughter) lo) and make the bak kut teh for you and yet your "FAST" food still havent arrive. It's one of those days where you are rushing for a flight and wanted to grab a bite only to be told "Sorry ah. Can wait 45 minutes while we cook the chicken?". Yes, I know how you feel. You feel like taking the tray, slapping the counter fella in and out ending with his/her head stuck on the tray.

One of my friend finally couldn't stand it and broke out here. Seriously she is already nice. If I am in her shoes. I will complain till their mum can't recognize them anymore. Hahaha. Ok enough of that already. Gonna show you guys the winner of the "FAST" food chain award. It goes to Pizza hut Giant Bandar Kinrara beating all the other contestants hands down. Don't believe me ar? Here's a picture but make sure you have already eaten and half of it is already digested. Better still if it's already fully digested or else it will go down using your spine or vomit even your overnight food.

I leave it to your imagination to do the comparison. It looks like one of the bread which they bought upstairs in Giant and microwaved/oven it then serve to us. The waiting time is terrible. You basically sit there for over 15 minutes and the staff there threats you as if your whole family is invisible. It takes another 15 minutes for the bill to arrive which at one point someone suggested that we just leave without paying the bill. The soup is even thinner than urine. What you guys expect? Pizza Hut boleh ma.

Next on the list is Secret Recipe Time Square. No. I am not rich. I am there because it's my birthday ok? Meaning someone treat la. I wouldn't go to suck such expensive place ok? Those idiots let us wait for 15 minutes without serving us. The best part is the supervisor is hiding in the room while the staffs are busy like mad outside. Then came the food. The food they serve is far from the menu. Don't get deceived by looks and oh yeah, they tried to cheat me off 2 pieces of spring roll which I asked the supervisor about. Guess what? The supervisor have to refer back because he is new and doesn't know the products they are selling. Good leh the service?

Then we have Manhattan Fish Market IOI mall. They are short of manpower but the manager is quite friendly. I am there because I have the buy 1 free 1 promotion. They ran out of chips. Imagine fish and chips without the chips? So it becomes chipless fish and chip. Oklo they replace with rice or salad. Still get to eat full ma. This I am not complaining much la because they gave me extra free fish and chips fish and rice. Here are some pictures. Mouth Watering? You treat me I bring you go eat ok? Deal? No? Why so kiamsiap(stingy) one you?

Yes. That's a suggestion form next to the plate. It works most of the time when the service is bad and you need that good service. Try grabbing the suggestion form next time and see how things turn instantly.

Ok moving down on the list is KFC Jusco Taman Equine. The food is okla till I went to wash my hands. Then saw a cockroach walking and staring back at me. This happening in a store which have the "A" sticker from MPSJ meaning it's supposed to be uber clean. Malaysia Boleh?

My advice? Avoid fast food if you could unless you are sure those fellas can give you the service you are paying for. Avoid all those "Hoi! Where is the cheese in my Filet o' Fish?" to avoid getting "Ptui! Ptui" at the backdoor on the food they are about to serve you. Have a nice day guys.


Anonymous said…
=.= yeah... the fast food service in Malaysia really do need some improvising. I'm so disgusted to see how horrible the food service are in Malaysia. Bandar Kinrare Pizza hut's service so horrible? So far, I haven't encounter any stupid fellers in Pizza hut, cuz I almost never dine in. Only get to scold those delivery boys... but my area is quite efficient, so I have no complains on Pizza hut in my place.

And talk about Secret Recipe, the one in Midvalley Megamall have good service, but then, the food sucks like hell, no quality control at all! OMG!
Kellaw said…
It was horrible and still is. Last my bro went there eat because he pass by, he say it's still the same. You rich ma. Can order delivery. hahaha. If the pizza hut is less than 1km from my house surely I can't complain late la. And you barely eat pizza hut ma. Those domino delivery guys quite friendly. At times can get free pizza coupon from them also.

Yours at least service good in midvalley. The food and service is bad in time square. I think we should start a blog to give ratings to all these outlets. Maybe get the management to pay for our meals so we can do the ratings. Then we wouldn't be affected by recession that much anymore because we don't pay for our own food.
Anonymous said…
LOL... I can't order domino... cuz no coverage in my area. Ahahahaha... I'm not rich. Only eat pizza occasionally when I'm home alone. Because I get too lazy to cook when my husband is not at home. No point just cook for myself. =.=
Kellaw said…
go wait for them in an area which have coverage la. they always fail to find my place last time so always get free pizza. wuahahaha. if he is not in then go to a decent restaurant and treat yourself la. you deserve good food when your husband not around. hahahaha.

Main course - RM250
Wine - RM400
Dessert - RM100
Getting your husband to pay the credit card bill - Priceless

For everything else, get your husband to pay cash. lol
Anonymous said…
=.= A wife's job is to help her husband, not give him problems. LOL. I'll feel very bad if simply spend his hard earned money. Besides, I'm in charge of handling all my family's finance... we own a business,he work, hand over all his loot, then I plan for the budget... thing's been working that way for a few years already. We married pretty young, we were still in college when we got married, so we dun splurge on unnecessary stuff. It's a habit, I guess.

When my husband is not in, I'm too lazy to go out la, cuz no one to wait for me hand and foot. Driving out really irritates me at times... jam la, parking la...end up getting pissed nia. So just order takeout, and slack in front of the tv. LMAO...
Unknown said…
please tell me one fast food restaurant that serves fast food and good food, the chances is not even one,,, trust me.

take care my friend

came from Cleff's blog
Kellaw said…
Clef - That's just a joke lol. Yala. Save money for the kids later on in life or what we call save for the future. The old guys always say having an accountant as a wife has it pros and cons. The pros is knowing where every single cents you earn went to and the con? It's also knowing where every single cents you earn went to but with one additional thing -> your wife know everything.

Depending on the wife it could be translated as -> no buddy nights out/drinks after a hard day at work or worse still having your wife spend all shopping and playing mah jong. Anyway there are always those good ones around(i sense clef's boots are already aimed at my head lol).

Eugene - welcome here. try the IOI mall manhattan fish market. If you dont know where it is, do drop me a call and I will thank you for dinner. haha. Actually it also depends on where and what time you go to those chains. some are enjoyable some are just torturous.
Anonymous said…
If I could play mahjong, I will damn well cheat! LOL... unfortunately, I'm hopeless in all sort of 4D and gambling. Dam jialart. LMAO... i dun gamble or shopping wan la, so the money damn safe with me. (the only person I could shop with is my dad, cuz he drags me to shop so that he could pamper me.)

I actually hate shopping or crowded place. Dunno why...so shop once or twice a year for new year's clothes-liddat oso I still whine. Actually, men in my family shops more than me. Can mati see them, no kidding! Since I hate crowded place, cinema oso a no-no for me. Last watch was Jurassic park with my dad back in 1992. LOL.

So before u ask me, wat I'll do for fun... lol... I write for fun, and I play online games for fun and bully those noobs in game. Oh yeah, swimming too. Whahahaha.

@Eugene, I know one... McD Gombak have superb service and superb food. That's why I kinda get attached to McD, cuz nearby my house the service is damn good. they wait for you hand and foot, and the food is served to you under 2 minutes. Not bad. And their food quality control is very good too. Heard their manager is a boss from hell. Wants everything perfect. And slightest complain from u in this branch, would get the crew into trouble and yellings. LOL. So different from the one I recently patronized. SIGH!
Kellaw said…
lol. The only time I will be gambling is during the chinese new year where I will be forced to be the jonk(dealer) and I suck at it too so I always lose. Will always limit myself to losing 50 then end of the game.

You should stay in the jungle. definitely not crowded there. Hahahaha. You can do all your "fun" things in the jungle. Wuahahaha!

See not that bad right? McD should employ us for quality control seriously.
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