You know what I hate? Part 2

If you haven't read part 1 go here then you will know what I am talking about here.

It's a continuation from this:-
- Idiots who are siu hei(sensitive as some calls it). One good example below.
A : You there? Can do me a favor?
B : Yeah I am here.
A : Sends cam request.
B : Accepts
A : Can you see me clearly? How do I look like? Can you tell me what's wrong?
B : Very blur. Look like ghost from those ghost movies(speaking the truth)
A : Argh!!! Bans the hell out of B for being hon

B : Noticed A online and says hi and ask "Still angry at me? Ban me that day"
A : don't Worry i don't have the right to angry at you because i m one of the idiots
B : Scratched butt head and wonders what A is talking about
A : have a nice day(and proceeds to go missing or ban the hell out of B again)
B : Finally the butt head gave the most logical answer. The blog entry he wrote before on A.

B in head : OMFG. She reads my blog! Die this time. Screams and proceeds to run around the house like a mad man jumping up and down.

A while later. B starts to wonder if his current boss reads his entry about how to escape from the workplace here.

Ps. B also starts to wonder if A keeps a blog on him too putting entry as the most insensitive person.

How I know she is angry? Her display pic on msn la. See below.

additional type of idiots whom I hate :-
- Idiots who make fun at the most inappropriate time. Example below.
A : Adds B on msn and proceeds to add B on msn with A's address being
B : Receives notification and wonders who is this hot chick. Nevermind la. Approve already then only ask that fella la. Proceeds to accept.
A : Hi
B : Hi you are?
A : I am Darth Vader/Anakin Sykwalker. Come to papa Luke. Come join me in the dark side.
B : Yeah and I am superman
A : I am Jor El. Come to papa.
B : Bans the hell out of A(sweet revenge and I don't fall to the dark side)

Another story....(long long time ago in a CLASS in a galaxy far far away...)
A (Classmate who is a guy) : Adds B on msn and B accepts
B : You are?
A : I am the girl you slept with the other day
B : Knowing he had not slept with anyone proceeds to ask A who A really was.
A : How can you be so cold hearted. You slept with me and forgot me.
B : The only ones that slept with me are bed bugs. Are you one of them?
A : You do me already then don't want me la now.
B : Gets fed up with the lame joke in the class proceeds to ban the hell out of A.

Ah! relieve at last.

Moral of the story :- Don't try to dig info out of your friend through MSN by changing your own sex or else you will be the joke yourself. As Siyet says I am one of those who are real serious at times and I don't quite joke around. It depends on the situation actually. I do joke around but not when I am all stressed up trying to figure out the solution to the assignment when some idiots come from the back and BAM!(sound of B getting a tight slap from A after scaring B who is concentrating - can't blame B because it's standard fright reflex)


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