You know what I hate?

Note : No animal(humans are animals right? No? Read back your biology book. It's labeled under mammals which makes monkeys your cousins) are harmed in the process of writing this blog. The writer is not responsible for any actions taken by the reader of this blog in following exactly what is written here. Some are based on real life events while some are not. Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved. If you so bad as to have a name which is same as in the story(A and B) then go blame your parents for giving you that ugly name.

I Hate : -

- Idiots who will never answer your questions directly. They have to go through all the junk that you need to listen before they can give you one answer. It's double worse when you went through all that hell and still can't get an answer.

- Idiots who just give you an excuse after you ask tons of questions. They just reply you saying they are tired and goes to bed to sleep. (happens usually when a wife ask his husband where he get that lipstick mark on the shirt from). These are those elite people who would avoid the question at all costs. What's wrong with answering anyway if you can tell me you want to go to sleep? Use that same time to answer then say you wanted to go to sleep la.

- Idiots who ask questions when they already know the answers to the questions. This includes the common questions like. Man asking wife : Is mine large enough? or woman asking her husband : Do I look fat in this dress? For goodness sake go look into the mirror. Or child asking dad : Can I have that wii? when the dad's company just went broke from the current recession.

- Idiots who are siu hei(sensitive as some calls it). One good example below.
A : You there? Can do me a favor?
B : Yeah I am here.
A : Sends cam request.
B : Accepts
A : Can you see me clearly? How do I look like? Can you tell me what's wrong?
B : Very blur. Look like ghost from those ghost movies(speaking the truth)
A : Argh!!! Bans the hell out of B for being honest

- Idiots who know how to do things but pretends not to know then trying to get people to do the things for them. For goodness sake, do your own job. Not everyone is as free as you walking around. Example.
A : Walks around and spots B looking at her.
B : Looks at his computer and does his own work.
A : Hey B, Can you help me burn a CD. I am scared because it's from hell-knows-where-is-that-place
B : Why? Can't you burn at your side.
A : I am scared that it will damage the disc(problem with people who doesn't know what burning means or just pretends not to know)
B : Okok. I will burn for you. Takes out a lighter and lights the hell out on the CD then proceeds to dumping it in the lake outside then looks back at A and says "DONE!"

- Idiots who keeps you waiting forever. Refer to point no 2. These guys are a batch of elites in mankind. Always keeps you anticipating for an answer or a solution but never gives them to you. Example.
A : Do you know what happened?
B : Nope. What?
A : Really don't know what happen ar?
B : Really la. Tell la.
A : Why you don't know one?
B : How I know why I don't know. Tell la.
A : Where have you been all these while that you don't know?
B got up from his seat. Beats the hell out of A and put all his fingers in the company paper shredder, use the boiled kettle and iron A's face, soak A's face in the toilet bowl and drowns the hell out of A by repeated flushing then proceeds to dump A in the lake nearby where he just thrown A's CD in.


cchungww said…
haha i like ur list of dislike especially the last one on the part one list =)
Kellaw said…
Proven you are as violent as I am. Hahaha
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