Passing of a friend from the past

Actually the whole day today, I have been containing all my sorrows and not let it out. So far I am doing a real good job on it. Actually after the wedding dinner, I received news from one of the members that my old mentor, Steve Rodham had actually succumbed to his lungs cancer which he had been fighting over the past 2 years. He just celebrated his 54th birthday over a month ago in the hospital in the states.

It's quite a shock for me to actually lose him when he was a non smoker all along, lives in the remote areas where they get healthy food and things and most importantly a person with a kind heart to help others. Of course I can't compare my loss to the one that his wife, Martha(knows as Mart to most of us) is currently experiencing. My condolences to you Mart.

The passing of someone close, be it a family member or a friend is never easy for me. Some may say I portray a character which is strong in most situations but there is always a weak side of me. Steve's sickness reminds me of my late grandfather where he had been fighting the same cancer. The pain is unbearable for both yet it's even worse for their loved ones. This I know because I am always here to feel it.

Steve had been a great mentor and a buddy in my early years when I got to know him. Some say I am the luckiest recruit to know him and get him as a buddy. I still remember his first advice. "Son, getting into this business is not to be a superhero but to help all that you could. That is the limit that we humans can do. Even superman does lose at times but that is not the reason for us to stop what we are doing." I took that advice and pass on to all the buddies I had while I am still actively involved in the movement.

He had always been there when I needed advice on the next course of action, guiding, leaving hints here and there and handling the problem while I just observe when he knows that I can't solve it. He was one of the best know diplomat in the movement but sad to say with his passing, everyone feels a loss of such a man of great character. This blog will observe a 24 hours silence from this moment as a mark of respect for him. Sorry if this post bores some of you but I feel I should have posted this up because he is part of who I am today and he deserves this respect I am giving him here.

Hope that you have finally found the peace you have always been looking for wherever you are now. Condolences to Mart and family. Do tell us if you need anything. We will try our best to help if we could. Guys who are going for the service, please do send me the pictures if possible. I know not many are going as it's remote but I do hope I can get just one pic for memory wise. Thanks.


Anonymous said…
Deepest condolence to your friend's family, Kellaw. I hope they are coping well with the loss.

Do take care of yourself too.
Kellaw said…
Thanks mate. I hope they are coping well too.
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