The kid in me

No, no more Christmas carols from me but this post has some Christmas related stuffs. Else I will go back in time and post it again =P

Somehow yesterday wasn't a very lucky day for me. Was supposed to post this but I don't have the time as I was too tired. Somehow MSN wasn't working on my office desktop and the portable MSN doesn't have the block and ban functions(could have but I am too busy and lazy to find). As usual I set my status to busy(so that only those important guys can MSN me) and also set nick to "AT WORK! Disturb at your own risk!". Then some joker have to pop up. The following is "roughly" the conversation.

A(obviously a guy from his nick) : Hi!
B(grumbled) : Hi!
A : You guy or girl? Single?
B : Guy and I only like girls
A : Oh! I am guy too. Single? Name?
B(fed up - Why does he want to know I am single or not anyway unless he is trying to sell me some China Biao Mei at uber cheap price) : Sorry! Busy now.

5 Minutes later ......

A : Hi!
B : Hi!
A : You guy or girl? Single?
B(really fed up) : I am your mum!
A : Name?
B : You even forgot your mums name and you need to ask? Tonight no need come home. You can sleep outside.(Finger itching like mad to block and ban but frustrated because I couldn't find the damn button)

The best part. He is not even in my list...

Lunch is just another boring routine. Don't even feel like eating at all. So went to read new stuffs from both and Yes you read right. It's "SAI" as in shit in hokkien. It's not that I condone public attacks or should I say virtual attacks. I just enjoy reading them as posts but one thing I despice is guys who already have a girlfriend or wife going out looking for another woman. The simple maths here can be solved if the guys' brains would just take some time to reverse the equation meaning what if the wife goes out with another guy? How would you feel?

After work I went home in KTM and sat next to a lady with her baby. Her baby was quite playful actually. I don't know why but I just have this ability in me to attract kids I want and make kids whom I don't like cry. So guys(and girls too) if you have a kid and you want them cry, do come to me. I charge cheap only le. RM 388 for one time cry. Another package 3888 is for cry and laugh at the same time. Ong or not the figure? Sang and Fat(Life and Rich). Come on la. I need money buy Christmas presents. Now also Pok Kai(bankrupt) like Santa already where got money buy? Next month Chinese New Year sumore. Lagi Bankrupt.

Anyway the kid is so cute that I feel like cubit his chubby face only. Then reach midvalley where I am supposed to go out. Some of those people waiting outside out of their kiasuness(Afraid to lose) and kiasiness(afraid to die if they don't get on train like midvalley have some biological disease) block the exitway which is also the entrance to the train door. Why can't these dumbfuck idiots wait till we get out first? Don't they realize if we don't get to go out. They will never be able to come in? So someone shouted "Hello, Boleh kasi kita keluar dulu?" and don't know which idiot say "Tak Bleh" in the U-Mobile commercial style. I wanted to give the "Kenapa?" face(the die father face la) to the guy who answered.
Go see the video below if you are living in the jungle all along and don't know what I am talking about.

Have you guys start to notice all the Christmas decorations? The one in Pavillion looks like a giant cake. Does it look like a tree to you?
It just reminds me of the spiraling way up to a building car park. I don't know why the shopping malls have to fight and compete every year to come up with the largest and ugliest tree. What happen to the good old Tree?

Or even this

Then I found the one in Midvalley which I think would give the nightmare to any sane kid.
Look at the toy soldier and Santa. I overheard a kid screaming to his mum saying "Mummy, Look they hanged santa". I nearly roll on the floor laughing till my stomach burst. I wonder if he is going to say the toy soldier looks like the Grinch. Don't believe me? Go to midvalley and have a look yourself. Yes I am a kid at heart when it comes to christmas but all these decorations just killed it for me. Have a Merry Little Christmas everyone.


Anonymous said…
LMAO... I love the "I am your mom" part. Hmm... next time someone stalk me tht way, I will give that feller the same answer. Hmmmm!
Kellaw said…
Yamah. I am dead busy doing my work and MSN buat hal so can't block but I am having discussion with a colleague working so far away from my cube. Then he has to come to me twice asking if I am a girl or guy. Fed up and head temperature boiling already. So that's the answer I gave him lo.
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