1st day at work

Yeah I know I haven't been updating this blog even though I have a lot to update on. If I have an idea of a new technology to realize it would be a brain wave reader to read what a human brain want to do. Imagine just thinking of updating your blog, company email, documents by just thinking about it. It prevents loss of thinking. You know the kind where someone calls your name and you forgot because your train of thought is disturbed? Well this is a solution. Anyway I just patented this idea so don't even bother to copy this idea unless you are going to pay me royalty.

Anyway, it's a big company with power trips. Plus side? My boss is away for the first day of my work so I get to loiter around, checking on SAP site reading up materials which I have been lost touch with over a year. The downside? Server gets restarted when the power trips so connection will be down. Imagine doing all your work unsaved and then boom, everything you have done for the past hour gone in a second. The solution? My idea lo. LoL! The other solution is to have a backup generator. It's something like using your laptop with your battery intact. Power trips, laptop still functions with battery pack. How bad could that be?

Another downside is friendster is blocked. Sigh. The plus side? Facebook is not blocked. So I guess I will need to create one. Checking if MSN is blocked too. Argh! What a relieve. It's not blocked. So is yahoo mail. Hehehe. I know how I am going to spend my free time in office now. Malaysiakini website is also not blocked. So it's news reading time. I will try to remember and blog back on what happened for my duration of time I am missing here. Hope I can get the device utilizing my new technology idea working soon. Right now it can only transmit waves from the computer to sound waves to my ears. It's what scientists call earphones la. LOL!


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