Robbing on humanitarian grounds

Yeah some may not like what I am going to write here but I will still continue. You have a choice to leave if you feel what I am writing here is provoking. So don't say I never give you guys the chance to leave now.

Being a first aider myself had taught me a lot in life. Helping those in need at needy times does make me into a better person but recently after the tragic landslides, there are a bunch of idiots who make a mockery of the job by robbing on humanitarian grounds. Go get a copy of the sun today(15 Dec 2008) or go here for the online copy.

Front page man. How worse can it go? So now people needs to register beforehand before they enter their house. It's like the guards at your apartment needs you to register at the guard house before gaining access to your own house. Why such troublesome procedure. Why not station people around the area itself and let the residents just flash their identity card when checked. I could only think of 1 reason why the residents need to register. Go figure if you don't know what I am saying here. I am not going to put that into words here.

No this is not the first time some shit like this happened. When there are floods, people affected have to pay for boat rides. Seriously if you are going to help, help with a heart. Not help only when there are monetary gain. It's no different than the chinese proverb "Chan for dar gip"(taking advantage in robbing when there is fire) or in this case "Chan lam lai dar gip"(taking advantage in robbing when there is landslides).

The other day someone tell me when you help someone of course you hope to get back something in return. You know what my answer is? "It's because of idiots like you that people outside think that we always do things for money". Yes I do not doubt money can do a lot of things but it is not everything. Imagine having yourself in that situation. You are losing your house to the fire and your neighbours go in and help themself with your favourite TV set or HIFI. How would you feel. Say you are caught in a flood. Someone with a boat came by. Tells you 100 bucks per person. What are you going to do and how are you going to feel.

Some of these idiots have no concern for lives as well. No money no talk and they just leave you to your own miseries. Some just left the victims to their own peril which results in death in several cases. It happens everywhere when there is disasters. People will always be selfish. Be it throwing a hoe for you to dig up your own wife while they tender to more "important businesses" or giving you a float and ask the flood victims to swim to the nearest safe place. Worse still they ask you to slowly wait there for "kinder" people who are willing to take them in without any payment or swim to safety. Imagine a 70 year old grandma swimming across 200 meters to the higher building when she can't even walk properly.

At times I do really wonder what kind of brains do they have. Pea brain? Don't they have a heart or they lost their heart to the fire, flood or soils? And some joker have to come up with genious plans to keep your belongings from getting robbed.

"how about tie your belongings with dog?
sure thief didnt dare to come near it.. ^^"
if possible, put in tiger's cage"

Very genious my friend provided you have a tiger and dogs don't swim that long in floods or craw beneath the earth. Sigh. Really no mood after reading the news.


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