Christmas Spirit

It's disturbing where every corner I go there is at least one decoration on Christmas yet for some reasons I don't feel the spirit in me. So here I am with my own Christmas song for Satan Santa Clause(I can already sense boots aiming at my head now). You guys can sing this Christmas Carol along with me.
You'd better watch out,
You'd better not cry;
You'd better keep cash,
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town.

Santa's Pok kai(bankrupt),
Already POK KAI!'
He doesn't care if you've been naughty or nice,
He's not coming to town.

It's worthless if you've do good,
It's better if you've been bad,
He sold his list of
who's naughty or nice,
Santa's not coming to town, HEY

You'd better watch out
You'd better not cry
You'd better keep cash
I'm telling you why:
Recession is coming to town!
An early Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating.

Ps. Might come a new version of jingle bells also. Anyone wanna help me with ideas?


Anonymous said…
got this forwarded to me at my hotmail weeks ago :) Funny lyrics
Kellaw said…
For goodness sake, I just created it. Or did I travel back in time to send it through emails?
Anonymous said… idea... but kellaw..i have deleted it la..sorry dude.

Its not something i keep in my email though..and its been weeks already.

Im sure it will resurface again as it was a forwarded email..someone will definitely forward it around. :)

Maybe you did travel back in time :P
Kellaw said…
Sigh. Wanna cry already. Susah payah I go think think think till the words rhyme then copied by others and sent/forwarded through email sumore. Best of all it travelled back in time. Haih. Sad nia.
Anonymous said… funny la la... chill...don't worry... you are still original. :)

It may not sound exactly the same as yours( as in lyric) but it's pretty similar specially the first para..(i remember because of the recession thingy) :P the rest tak ingat liao la...

Anyway, it was nice meeting you :)
Kellaw said…
First paragraph is pretty common as I only change Santa with recession. The rest is all original work la. Okla. Link you up la since you so nice.
Anonymous said…
Ahahahaha.... good one, Kellaw... recession is in deed in town, unfortunately, there's not much things we can do except for enduring it.
Anonymous said…
hahah... will link you up too..:) eh you know zewt too huh?

i knew him from gym :)
Kellaw said…
Clef - You can do something one. Get money from the politicians(how I leave it to your imagination la) especially the one who says we will not be affected by it. Now my nasi lemak only left 1 ikan bilis. Before this there's too. Ask the makcik, she reply "Ekonomi tak bagus dik. Nah, Kasi lu satu kepala bilis extra. Jangan nangis ye" and proceed to peel off the head of one of the anchovies into my rice.

Emelda - Zewt is old MBSian. So MBSian sure support each other one. Sadly that fella never support me. Haih Sad nia. Kick him for me. Hahahaha
zewt said…
who say i never sapot u?
Kellaw said…
LoL. Finally show up here already. hahaha
Kellaw said…
Where got support. No link me also call support? Hahahaha
zewt said…
wahh.. link means sapot issit?
Kellaw said…
Must support physically and mentally ma. So should link to give more support. Hahahaha
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