Hotel 626

Was playing this game right at the middle of the night. It's codenamed Hotel 626. Don't bother playing this in the office unless you work till after 6 as it is only open from 6pm to 6am everyday. For those who are itching and can’t wait to get in the Hotel can probably figure out how to easily work your way around the time issue or else get your company help desk or IT support for help.
Note:- I am not responsible if you get your ass fired by your boss while trying to get help from your helpdesk/IT support department.

For those who can wait and can withstand the itchiness. No, not talking about your sexual urge here. Talking about waiting to play the game. I do suggest that you guys(and gals too) to wait til late at night to try this. It's better if you stay in your office till late at night where company policy is to have lights off but leaves the air cond on(for the freezing effect) but once again I am not responsible if you shit pee in your pants(or skirt) and wet the company chair. The only advantage is you can always switch chairs. Too bad if you are the boss and/or your chair is one of a kind.

I would actually work in an environment similar to one where guys(I know a few particular some/most girl who does this too) who are staying with their parents try to watch porn late at night. Don't ask me for the number of those girls please. It's their privacy and don't ever ask me how I got to know about it. Sigh. You guys still need me to explain further and draw the picture out of the wall(stating the obvious) ar? Fine. Off the lights and have some privacy on your own with earphones on your ears. It would be best if you have a webcam together with you. Yeah just like one of your online cyber sessions minus all those dirty thoughts. Anyway what's up with you guys/gals thinking of it all the time anyway? Can't have a normal chat session like those who are studying overseas chatting with their parents?

The loading time might be a killer but trust me. It's worth it. There will be intense visuals and audio, so get yourself a good set of earphones. Yes. No point lowering the volume when you can't hear the moan right? So for best audio effects, use a speaker la. You wouldn't want your parents to wake up to all those moans screams right? Ok, so now you are all prepped for it, are you brave enough to start? If you’re brave enough, your room is waiting for you here: Hotel 626. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I did.

Note:- You guys want the solution to this game? This is definitely a more than a spoiler. Continue at your own peril Here.


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