Instant 'Dick'?

Imagine having an instant dic. No, not the one where you can get straight out of a yellow packet labelled "Maggi", pour hot water and eat instantly. Oops! wrong instant object lol. No, it's not the one where you can use instantly for all your dirty thoughts. You guys are real perverts. Proven by the hits generated by my previous post here and here.

Yes. It's something you can pull out of the box and use. You really wanna know where to get it? Here.

I know the pic is unclear. I took it far away from the stall.

Only available in Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Eh not dick mea? Sorry la. Long time neva use my engrish already(trying to speak in ah beng style). Oklo. Sorry lo. It's dict. Happy? Typo only ma. If now where I know you guys are so hamsap(cheeky)?

Ok, enough liao. Go back to your work now.


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