One kid that doesn't want her head for christmas

Here is one kid that doesn't want to have her head intact for christmas. I wonder what the father/mother is doing to allow their kids to basically put their heads and hands out of the window. I was planning to drive next to the car and give them both a good "luku" on their head. LOL. Violent? Yes but that's the best for them to learn.

Ps. Don't bother copying my image and sending to the star. I already did before I posted this up.


ARC said…
yes, when u go luku her head, u got sued, and that will be ur Christmas 'present' lol.

I would have think the same way too...haha
Kellaw said…
lol. luku her head dont drive slowly so the parents cant catch you la. who ask you so clever let the parents catch you? hahaha.
Calvin Soo KJ said…
some parents just dont give a damn about their children's safety whilst in the car. when it comes down to an accident, then they cry when nasi become bubur already....aiks, since when i become so giid in anyways, good post bro. thanks for visiting.. :)
cleffairy said…
Should luku the parent's head for this lah!
Kellaw said…
Calvin, this is life ma. The parents will only make noise and bring down the sky when something real bad happen to their children. Some don't even bother because they basically have one football team of kids. Seriously parents who doesn't know how to take care of their kids shouldn't have any. Haha. You from Penang? Used to stay a while in Penang too but on island.

Clef, I agree. Unfortunately the window on the parents side is not open. Actually I have this naughty thought of just lastik the head. Hahahaha.
wow its so dangerous! her parents should not allow her to do that!
Kellaw said…
This is not Singapore le friend. Try do that in Singapore with a Singapore car and see what happens next. Anyway welcome to my blog.
Lisa said…
so dangerous :(

go try watch it during weekends :D
Kellaw said…
Actually you haven't see she actually stand up with her bro. I didn't manage to take that pic or else sure win The Star RM50 for best picture.

I officially broke after last night liao. You treat me watch is it? Hahahaha.
zewt said…
so you know this kid eh? !

when i was young, i will get the beating of my life if i do this.
Kellaw said…
I don't know them lol. same here zewt. we basically will get the wacking of our life

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