Chick with long legs pictures(part 2) - edited 26/12/2008

If you haven't read part 1 go here.

Since no one volunteered to chip in to buy my friend his Christmas gift. The plan failed and this would be yet another year where he fails to get a present from Santa who was hit by the recent recession. I guess now Santa just drop by and pack whatever food and drinks you guys left him because he has to pay last years' wage to the elves and would have no presents for the kids this year.

Ok ok. I will tell you guys why part 2 is created here. This is just one prediction I am going to make. Since "Your Boy"(if you don't know what I am saying here, that's why there is a link above) have been lowering his standards year by year and being such a considerate guy. Yes, he is considerate liao. His initial wish is to have a rich model to marry and rely on her to support him for a living to his wish now that he will work to support his "chick with long legs".

So it's safe to predict he will write the following letter to santa next year.

(copied and edited from previous version)

"Dear Father Santa,

I have been an extremely good boy this year than last year. I donated RMXXXXXXXX to certain foundations in hope that my wish will come true but sad to say I need to rely back to you to grant my wish. For 7 years I haven't been receiving my present so I think you must really be hit hard by the recession and don't have the cash in hand. I hope I will am already dying to get my present this year seated next to my tree. Come on. It can't be that hard right? This year I had already lower even down my requirement of having a model girlfriend as a gift. I know the recent recession also hit the northpole and the toy farktory factory had to be closed down.

All I want now is a chick with long short legs(yes I don't care anymore because I haven't been laid the pass 7 years) and big small(yes, small eyes are acceptable this year) cute eyes. She doesn't need to be clever so I could be the place where she finds comfort in. That's all I am asking for as I am really considerate on your condition too. As usual I would leave a jug of beer and several packs of peanuts which you never fail to take but not leave me my present. They are there so you can have some snack on your journey around the world. So please can I have my present this year? Can?

With love,

Your Boy."

Ps. If everything else fails, just leave me your daughter or one of the female elves. You can pick her up again next morning when you finished going around the world.

So creative or not my version for his next year letter? Wait la. Don't run first la. Since he will be so desperate next year. Of course as a friend, I should help fulfill his wish right? I also search up and down, high and low for a suitable gift for him lo. You really wanna see the pic? This time no need you guys chip in liao. I alone can sponsor 1.






Oops... Wrong chick. My friend is a straight guy. Sorry la. Christmas ma. Traveled whole day so I am tired one ma. So can be a little blur.
Oklo. Give you what I found lo.






There. Does this match the specification. So "Your Boy" be rest assured you will get your present next year. Just hope "she" does not poo on your Christmas tree la.

Ps. It's just a joke for laugh la. You also made fun of me in your blog ma. So fair la. Don't angry ok?

Merry Christmas to everyone!!

Edit(26/12/2008):- Fine. You want a sexy chick? Oklo. I give you. TADAA!!!

Sexy ma. No meh? You asked for it. Hahaha. So now i never lie to you liao lo. See I am such a good friend and being considerate here.


Lisa said…
ish that turkey looks cute to eat
Kellaw said…
You should go look at the roast lamb leg pictures that others posted during midnight. Caused me to get hungry and require midnight supper.
Anonymous said…
*sigh* the last picture makes me hungry!
Kellaw said…
Clef you can always come. I just finished cooking. Hahaha. I charge RM88.88 per head
Anonymous said…
Mai la... later food poisoning... LMAO....
Kellaw said…
I can cook real good food ok? Say till so... (-_-")
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